12 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

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Many of my clients will tell you (plus there is a clue in my logo) that I love to include kettlebell training, where appropriate, to assist client’s achieving their goals. If you’re new to kettlebells and you’ve wondered what the real benefits are, then this blog is for you.

Listed below is a summary of the benefits of kettlebell training to get you started.

1. Fat Loss

Kettlebells increase your metabolism by creating dense muscle mass. The fat-loss power of kettlebells is explained by the extremely high metabolic cost of throwing the weight around, combined with the fat-burning effect of the growth hormone stimulated by such exercises.

2. Functional Fitness

Kettlebell training mimics natural human movement, thereby making everyday activities easier and injury less likely. Kettlebells offer the most functional training because the body must work as a unit. Every lift with the kettlebell engages the entire body. The kettlebell movement is never a single joint movement. Every swing, lift or press engages each joint and muscle group forcing the body to always work as a whole.

3. Cardiovascular Improvements

With kettlebell workouts, two different actions must work together – resistance and overall body movement. The ballistic nature of kettlebell lifting creates a challenge for the muscles that cardio workout alone does not do. A kettlebell workout demands constant exertion of energy. It forces extreme concentration of muscle and mind and in this way pushes your physical body and mind to the edge.

4. Stability

In order to control the weight, you must employ the use of the stabilising muscles. Isolation exercises such as those done with dumbbells and barbells do not hit those stabilising muscles to the same degree. Isolation exercises train only the major muscle groups.

5. Mental Focus

The task associated with kettlebells is complex and requires precise body movements which must be performed in a sequence. At each moment, you must be focused on the movement. The result is improved coordination and mental focus.

6. Muscular Endurance

Performing exercises with kettlebells can improve muscular endurance. This enables you to perform highly repetitive movements with less fatigue, reduced lactate build-up and less muscle ache.

7. Muscular Strength and Muscle Growth

The use of kettlebell exercises for muscle-building is increased due to, increased grip and wrist strength. Plus, the weight of individual kettlebells, especially when using two kettlebells at once.

8. Athletic Performance:

Kettlebell training is the best training for any swing related sport (e.g., golf, football, volleyball, tennis, etc.). This is because the movement in kettlebell training mimics the swing in these sports by forcing explosive hip movement. Most kettlebell movement is explosive and fluid, requiring one to move through different planes of movement creating strength in each plane. The sequence of your body during a swing requires a series of joints to open and close passing explosive force to the next joint in the sequence. Isolation exercises improve only the appearance but not functional abilities. Furthermore, kettlebells will build overall muscle endurance and fitness leading to a stronger game of any kind.

9. Increased Strength of Posterior-Chain

Due to the swinging nature of most kettlebell exercises, the recruitment of the posterior chain is maximised.

10. Co-ordination and Timing

Due to the type of movements and grip types, kettlebell workouts are great at developing coordination and timing skills.

11. Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis and Injury Prevention:

Original Soviet research shows that the intense grip required to swing (and hold) the kettlebell along with the dynamic movement helps to prevent and/or reduce all types of arthritis. The acceleration and deceleration of moving the kettlebell strengthens the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, cartilage). It also increases shoulder mobility, strength and flexibility reducing the possibility of injury.

12. Versatile

Finally, kettlebells don’t require a special facility, they are small enough to use at home. They are nearly indestructible and relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, they deliver faster results than any other type of workout with many Kettlebell workouts lasting approx 20mins.

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